What to Expect

Expect to meet real people with real problems trying to live life in a way that honors God. The programs we offer are intended to equip believers to live faithfully. Many churches design everything to bring people in…in for worship, in for teaching, in for programs. All of the programming is geared toward attraction and “gathering” believers. We love the “gathered community;” however, the biblical model is for a gathering that prepares and launches the church, the followers of Jesus, into the world as people on mission every day.

Our Worship:

Worship at Sunset Canyon Baptist Church is neither “traditional,” nor “contemporary;” rather, it is indigenous. In indigenous worship, we seek to draw upon the creative gifts within the body of believers who make up our church community. Both “contemporary” and “traditional” styles are effectively weaved together in what is intended to be a thoughtful and guided anticipation of God’s presence.

We endeavor to value other worship participants not because they entertain us, but because they are fellow church members making a genuine offering of their gifts in loving worship of God. Therefore, our worship service is not designed as a marketing tool, but strives to call worshipers into a deeper, more authentic involvement in worship, as well as to regular involvement in church life, active discipleship and evangelism.